Why an

Platte River and our owner communities are driven by customer desire to make thorough energy choices and reduce environmental impacts. The industry continues its rapid transformation to support a future led by non-carbon power, distributed technologies and energy storage. We have recognized this evolution and have incorporated tactics to meet customer desires.

Platte River’s 2020 IRP will focus on identifying a range of generation resources that are non-carbon while adhering to our core pillars – system reliability, environmental responsibility and financial sustainability – that have long made Platte River a successful organization.

The 2020 IRP will focus on building a diversified long-term power portfolio by:

  • Formalizing a near-term action plan that places Platte River on a long-term trajectory to meet the carbon reduction objectives of our owner communities
  • Assessing opportunities to add more non-carbon power resources when advantageous
  • Evaluating the development of energy storage options
  • Measuring the community potential for energy efficiency and distributed resources such as rooftop solar, and managed electric vehicle charging
  • Studying options to balance high non-carbon portfolios
  • Pursuing market options to reduce reliance on fossil fuel resources