Platte River Power Authority is committed to providing reliable, environmentally responsible and financially sustainable energy and services to its owner communities. As a public power provider, Platte River is also committed to helping its owner communities achieve their respective but united energy goal of a 100% noncarbon energy mix by 2030.

Note: Video production occurred in 2020 when Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell served as Platte River’s Board Chair.

Platte River's three pillars

Reliable, Environmentally Responsible, Financially sustainable

The latest

Additional solar and storageAdditional solar and storage

  • A request for proposals to obtain 250 MW of solar was issued in December 2021
  • Includes a request for a storage component capable of providing 25% of the project's nameplate capacity for at least four hours
  • Requested completion date of 2025

DER strategy committeeDER strategy committee

  • Formed in 2020 in collaboration with Platte River's owner communities
  • Developed a strategy to implement distributed energy resources
  • A strategy is critical to reaching 100% noncarbon energy

Black Hollow SolarBlack Hollow Solar

  • Up to 150 MW
  • Estimated to be operational in 2024, bringing Platte River to nearly 60% noncarbon energy
  • The new facility will connect to Platte River's existing transmission system

Rawhide Prairie SolarRawhide Prairie Solar

  • 22 MW of solar with a 2 MWh battery
  • Installation was completed in 2020
  • Will generate power for approximately 6,000 homes annually

Roundhouse WindEnergy CenterRoundhouse wind

  • 225 MW of wind, Platte River's largest noncarbon resource to date
  • Estimated to produce energy to power more than 100,000 homes annually
  • Began commercial operation in June 2020

Coal resources to retire by 2030Coal resources to retire by 2030

  • Craig Unit 1: 2025
  • Craig Unit 2: 2028
  • Rawhide Unit 1: 2030

The Resource Diversification Policy

In 2018, Platte River Power Authority’s Board of Directors adopted the Resource Diversification Policy calling for the pursuit of a 100% noncarbon energy mix by 2030, one of the most aggressive goals in the state. The board mandates that reliability, financial sustainability and environmental responsibility be maintained as Platte River works toward this goal.

What we need to get us there
The following advancements must occur for Platte River to achieve 100% noncarbon energy by 2030:

  • An organized regional market must exist with Platte River as an active participant
  • Battery storage performance must mature and the costs must decline
  • Utilization of storage solutions to include thermal, heat, water and end user available storage
  • Transmission and distribution infrastructure investment must be increased
  • Transmission and distribution delivery systems must be more fully integrated
  • Improved distributed generation resource performance
  • Technology and capabilities of grid management systems must advance and improve
  • Advanced capabilities and use of active end user management systems
  • Generation, transmission and distribution rate structures must facilitate systems integration

What you need to know about the 2020 IRP

Platte River’s 2020 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) was approved by the board of directors in October 2020. The IRP, which is a requirement every five years to maintain long-term federal hydropower contracts, serves as the baseline for future planning.

2020 IRP summary

  • Platte River staff recommended a zero-coal portfolio as the best option under the current assumptions
  • Staff will continue to refine the roadmap with new data and assumptions with a focus on battery storage and distributed energy resources
  • Will meet the requirement of 80% CO2 reduction from 2005 levels required by the state
  • There will be two additional IRPs before 2030
  • Platte River staff and board of directors remain committed to a goal of 100% noncarbon by 2030, as outlined in this board resolution

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