Platte River's current energy production

Platte River Power Authority is committed to working toward achieving a 100% noncarbon energy mix by 2030 while maintaining delivery of reliable, environmentally responsible and financially sustainable energy and services to its owner communities.

Platte River began using battery storage technology in late 2020 but a significant percentage of the noncarbon energy produced is dependent upon available wind and sunshine. Noncarbon energy output therefore varies from day to day and hour to hour.

Note: The charts below are for informational purposes only, real data may vary. Interruptions to source data may cause variability.

Current energy production

This chart provides a near-real-time view of the energy produced by Platte River. Energy is displayed through megawatts and percentages. Data shown will automatically update every 10-15 minutes.

Generation mix over previous 24 hours

Energy is displayed in megawatts of production by resource from the previous 24 hours up to the present time. When resources are not producing they do not display. Data shown will automatically update every 10-15 minutes.

Generation resources

Unit nameFuel typeNet capacity (MW)Commercial operationContract
Rawhide Unit 1Coal2801984Original debt retired in 2018
Rawhide units A-DNatural gas260 Units A-C: 2002
Unit D: 2004
Debt retired in 2018
Rawhide Unit FNatural gas1282008No debt service
Loveland Area Project and Colorado River Storage Project HydropowerLAP summer: 30
CRSP summer: 50
1973LAP contract: through 2054
CRSP contract: through 2057
Roundhouse Wind Energy CenterWind2252020Purchase power agreement through 2042
Medicine Bow Wind ProjectWind61998Purchase power agreement through 2033
Rawhide Flats SolarSolar302016Purchase power agreement through 2036
Rawhide Prairie SolarSolar222021Purchase power agreement through 2041
Craig units 1 and 2Coal151 Unit 1: 1980
Unit 2: 1979
Debt retired in 2009