Platte River Power Authority’s transmission system is comprised of high-voltage power lines and substations that deliver power to the electric utilities of Platte River’s owner communities:

  • 263 miles of wholly owned and operated high-voltage lines
  • 522 miles of high-voltage lines jointly owned with other utilities
  • 27 substations
  • Transmission Service Availability Factor was 99.999% in 2018

Platte River’s transmission system is connected with those of other utilities through the Western Interconnection electrical network. The Western Interconnection is one of the three major power grids in North America. It stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Great Plains and from western Canada to Baja California in Mexico. The Eastern Interconnection and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas are the other major grids.

Platte River operates its transmission system on a non-discriminatory basis under the open access requirements of the federal government. All approved wholesale buyers and sellers of electricity can use the system under the same terms and conditions that Platte River uses the system to serve its own customers.

Transmission capacity is reserved as available through the Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS)