Platte River Power Authority’s (Platte River) records management department is responsible for Platte River’s official records. The records management department receives and responds to record requests, retains Platte River records as required and preserves archival documents.

Public records are available for inspection by appointment between the hours of 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., Mountain Time, Monday-Friday. Platte River will strive to respond to requests within three working days, or less, once it receives a valid public records request (and any applicable fees) unless extenuating circumstances cause a delay.

Many Platte River records are public records. Colorado Statutes define what specific records are not public and you will be informed if the information requested is not available for that reason.

Even though many Platte River records are public records, they are not all kept indefinitely. The records management department implements Platte River’s records retention schedule. All Platte River records are evaluated for retention based on the length of time they will have significant value to the organization. Each type of record is assigned a retention period.

For example: board minutes and resolutions are retained permanently, while invoices are destroyed after ten years. Platte River’s retention schedule has been reviewed and approved by the Colorado State Archivist.

To request Platte River public records, use the request form below. After submitting the form, records management staff may contact you if you need to clarify your request or pay advance fees.

Please be as specific as possible when making your request. Asking for “everything you’ve got” about a particular subject can be too broad to process or very costly. Platte River charges for records searches and to review records. See the fee schedule for current charges. If the estimated fees and charges for search, retrieval or review are $60 or more, you must pay the fees in advance.

Please save a copy of your request form for your records.

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Public records request form