Platte River Power Authority adheres to sustainable business practices such as:

  • Recycling mixed office materials and yard waste
  • LEED certified headquarters campus with rooftop solar, battery storage technology and support from the City of Fort Collins’ green power program, resulting in a zero net carbon footprint for the entire campus
  • Using hybrid and electric fleet vehicles and participating in the SmartTrips™ VanGo™ ride-share program to reduce gasoline consumption
  • Installing special MicroGreen™ oil filters in vehicles to reduce motor oil consumption
  • Using virtual computer servers and efficient lighting to reduce electricity consumption
  • Encouraging staff to use alternative transportation methods to and from work (for example, bicycles and buses) as well as working remotely
  • Educating staff to make responsible decisions that improve the quality of the environment and the health and safety of the owner communities where we live and work
  • Support office personnel to work from home to reduce vehicle congestion and emissions

A key component of Platte River's emphasis on sustainability is its sustainability team, made up of individuals from throughout the organization who look for ways to conserve resources, reduce waste and educate staff.