Jason Frisbie

Jason Frisbie

General manager/CEO

Jason Frisbie joined Platte River in 1982 as a college intern and upon graduating began a full-time career at the Rawhide Energy Station. Jason held various positions in facilities, maintenance, fuel handling and power production before becoming plant manager in 1999. He transitioned to division manager of power production in 2001 and was promoted to chief operating officer in 2010, overseeing generation and transmission assets, power sales, fuel, water and system engineering. Jason became general manager/chief executive officer of Platte River in 2016 and is committed to leading the organization during a transformational time in the utility industry.

Jason is a tireless advocate of public power and of transitioning to a new energy future while maintaining system reliability and financial sustainability. He represents Platte River’s interests on a regional basis and serves on the Trapper Mine Board of Directors, chairs the Trapper Compensation Committee and is a member of the Yampa Coordinating Committee. As an industry leader, Jason is a sought-after panelist and public speaker on the topics of transitioning energy portfolios from fossil fuels to noncarbon resources; the value of joining an organized market; and the benefits of public power and local community control. Jason also contributes his industry and leadership expertise to the American Public Power Association and the Large Public Power Council.

Jason earned a Bachelor of Science in industrial technology from Colorado State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Eddie Gutiérrez

Eddie Gutiérrez

Chief strategy officer

Eddie Gutiérrez (pronouns he/him) joined Platte River in 2022 and oversees communications and marketing, human resources and safety, and legislative affairs for Platte River. He is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of Platte River staff, standing in commitment to transparency and trust and creating value to the owner communities’ economic futures and fundamental values to overall growth.

Eddie is passionate about work that is grounded in community, connecting organizations to deeper relationships that humanize and build trust. He was previously a senior officer and vice president of customer, community and communications for El Paso Electric. As chief spokesperson and external face of the utility, Eddie oversaw and managed the utility’s brand, marketing communications, government affairs, energy efficiency and key accounts, philanthropy, community engagement and their overall customer care and experience. He also owned and managed a boutique consulting firm specializing in marketing and public relations campaigns, philanthropic programs and advocacy initiatives.

Eddie earned a master’s degree in public and international affairs from Princeton University and a bachelor’s degree in diplomacy and world affairs from Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Sarah Leonard

Sarah Leonard

General counsel

Sarah Leonard joined Platte River in 2019 and oversees the organization’s legal, environmental compliance and reliability compliance teams. She has dual reporting responsibilities to Platte River’s Board of Directors and to the CEO.

Sarah has provided legal counsel and services to the utility industry for more than 25 years. She is instrumental in advancing Platte River’s participation in an organized energy market and also helps manage the organization’s power purchase agreements for new resource acquisitions.

Before joining Platte River, Sarah served as outside general counsel and corporate secretary for the Northwest Power Pool. From private practice, she represented several midwestern utilities and joint action agencies concerning many legal issues, including significant transmission development projects as well as other transactional and regulatory proceedings. Sarah earned her juris doctorate from Stanford Law School in 1994.

Raj S. Setti

Raj Singam Setti

Chief operating officer, innovation and resource strategy integration

Raj joined Platte River in 2022, overseeing a new division created to achieve the Resource Diversification Policy, clean energy resource transition, and integration of innovative emerging technologies. He has more than 25 years of technical and leadership experience in the utility industry and manages clean energy resource integration, resource planning, power origination, energy solutions, distributed energy resources, information, and operational technologies for Platte River. Raj is passionate about renewable energy and will use his expertise to advance Platte River’s energy transition by planning for and integrating with emerging technologies.

Previously, he held the role of principal advisor at a clean energy investment bank. He also served as the executive director of portfolio strategy, grid innovation and portfolio integration at ACES Power Marketing. During his career, Raj worked with investor owned and public power utilities across 10 energy markets in the U.S. and internationally on behalf of GE Grid Solutions and clean energy developers.

Raj received MS in computer science and engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago; and an MBA in operations from Purdue University.

Dave Smalley

Dave Smalley

Chief financial officer and deputy general manager

Dave Smalley joined Platte River as a staff accountant in 1993. Since that time, he has served in numerous financial roles including investment and financial analysis officer and financial planning and treasury manager. In 2006, Dave was named chief financial officer responsible for treasury management, financial and accounting services. In 2017 he was appointed deputy general manager and currently oversees all financial and treasury services, internal auditing and information technology for Platte River.

Dave directs all aspects of the organization’s strategic financial plan including wholesale rates, debt financings, investments and retirement plan obligations to ensure Platte River’s long-term financial sustainability. He also serves as treasurer for Platte River, as well as a committee member for the risk management and pension and defined contribution retirement committees. As deputy general manager, Dave is responsible for all Platte River operations in the absence of the general manager.

Prior to joining Platte River, Dave worked for a CPA firm auditing federal and non-profit agencies. He is a certified public accountant, holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting from San Diego State University and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Melie Vincent

Melie Vincent

Chief operating officer, generation, transmission and markets

Melie Vincent joined Platte River in 2021 as chief operating officer. She has more than 20 years of experience in the utility industry and oversees power delivery, power supply, system engineering, system maintenance and facilities for Platte River. Previously, Melie served as the director of operations for the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority in Edmond, Oklahoma; the business advisor for the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) in Carmel, Indiana; and the power supply manager for Brazos Electric Cooperative in Waco, Texas.

Melie is dedicated to delivering reliable, affordable power that drives economic growth in the owner communities and elevates the standard of living for customers. She has extensive operational experience within multiple regional transmission organizations including MISO, the Southwest Power Pool and the California Independent System Operator. Melie is leading Platte River’s efforts to join an energy imbalance market which is a critical milestone in pursuit of the board-adopted Resource Diversification Policy.

Melie received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering technology from the University of Southern Indiana.

Angela Walsh

Angela Walsh

Executive director of board and administration, board secretary 

Angela Walsh joined Platte River in 2015 as the executive assistant to the general manager/chief executive officer (GM/CEO). She is responsible for planning, coordinating and managing the GM/CEO’s schedule, communications, presentations, reports and correspondence. Angela also serves as the administrative liaison between the GM/CEO and Platte River’s Board of Directors and is responsible for managing all regular and special board meetings and board committee meetings, including preparation and distribution of board materials and recording and documenting board meeting minutes.

In February 2018, Angela became the first Platte River staff member to be elected to board secretary, a role that was historically appointed to a board member. As board secretary, Angela maintains Platte River’s official records including all resolutions and regulations approved by the board, the minutes of board meetings and contact information for directors and officers. In December 2018, Angela was promoted to executive assistant/administrative services supervisor, overseeing all centralized business and office management functions for the organization in addition to her duties as executive assistant and board secretary.

Angela earned a liberal arts degree from Aims Community College.