Executive summary

As Platte River Power Authority (Platte River) celebrates 50 years of service for Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland, the utility is looking forward to the next 50 years of transformation, innovation and opportunity to build a cleaner energy future. Platte River has one of the most accelerated decarbonization plans for an electric utility in the country. The energy landscape is also changing rapidly with emerging technologies including battery and thermal storage, advanced metering infrastructure, renewable noncarbon-emitting energy sources and lower carbon natural gas resources. These changes are happening amid an electrification of transportation, homes and businesses, evolving customer needs and expectations and a sweeping commitment to a cleaner energy future.

To address the evolving energy landscape, Platte River has updated the strategic plan for the benefit of our four owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland. The update to the strategic planning process started in early 2022 evaluating the initiatives laid out in 2018: enhanced customer experience, communications and community outreach, resource diversification and alignment and infrastructure advancement and technology development. The 2018 Strategic Plan created the framework that outlined the path for the Platte River Board of Directors to adopt the Resource Diversification Policy (RDP) that was approved later that year. This moment in Platte River’s history marked an inflection point for our organization. As Platte River celebrates a half century of providing power in 2023, this updated strategic plan reflects the ongoing evolution our industry has experienced over the last several years and now outlines how this trajectory is inspired by our organization’s legacy to proudly serve northern Colorado.

Foundational pillars:

Reliability, environmental responsibility, financial sustainability.

Mission: To be a respected leader and responsible power provider improving the region’s quality of life through a more efficient and sustainable energy future.

Vision: While driving utility innovation, Platte River will safely provide reliable, environmentally responsible and financially sustainable energy and services to the owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland.

2023 Strategic Plan

The purpose of the 2023 Strategic Plan is to provide Platte River with direction and guidance for our organization’s future. It is also intended to align activities throughout the organization with these four strategic initiatives that are anchored by Platte River’s vision, mission, values and core pillars to safely provide energy and services.

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Resource diversification planning and integration

We are identifying emerging technologies and operational efficiencies to ensure a transition to a noncarbon future.


Community partner and engagement

We strive to facilitate, convene and educate, working in partnership with our owner communities.

Natural Gas

Workforce culture

We advocate for both the employee and the organization, focusing on career longevity and modernized workforce practices.

Natural Gas

Process management and coordination

We are improving our core services and efficiencies in internal and external processes and systems.