Platte River Power Authority has joined the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System

Platte River will use BidNet® to post Requests for Information (RFIs), requests for proposals (RFPs) and invitations to bid (ITBs). The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (BidNet®) is an online notification system for governmental entities to post their bids, quotes, proposals, addendums and awards. This system provides convenient online access to RFIs, RFPs and ITBs for Platte River and more than 200 other local agencies throughout Colorado.

Vendor registration

Vendor registration is free, however, vendors may choose to receive automatic e-mail notifications of all open solicitations matching their vendor profile for an annual fee. If a vendor does not select the upgrade option, the vendor should monitor the website regularly to be aware of business opportunities and review changes or addendums to bids, quotes, and proposals. Vendors who upgrade to receive email notifications will automatically receive opportunities matching their business profile.

Each solicitation contains complete submission instructions. Vendors must complete all forms and provide all requested information. All bids or proposals must be clearly identified by solicitation number and solicitation title. Bids and proposals must be received on or before the due date and time in the solicitation.

View bids and register

Please note:
Platte River cannot ensure the accuracy or completeness of information provided by private plan rooms or third-party websites. Please use Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing as your only online source for Platte River solicitations. Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing does not support plan rooms. If you are a plan room interested in obtaining information on Platte River’s solicitations, please contact contract administration at

Platte River's former contract administration page can be found here. All new bids are posted on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing.