Vision and guiding principles

The following working draft vision statement and guiding principles were developed by the DER strategy committee and will evolve throughout the course of the project. The vision statement and guiding principles are important components of the DER strategy and will ultimately help guide all strategic planning efforts.


A joint DER strategy will promote collaboration and coordination between the owner communities and Platte River regarding DERs and reflect the values of reliability, financial sustainability, environmental responsibility and enhanced customer experience. The DER strategy will support Platte River’s Resource Diversification Policy and the policy goals of each community. This collaboration and coordination encompass the guiding principles for evaluation and planning, operations, and customer programs with the overall objective of providing value to all customers through electric system optimization and/or individual customer benefits.


  • Strengthen system reliability and financial sustainability while enhancing environmental responsibility and customer experience.
  • Implement safety practices in all facets of DER planning, operations and customer programs to protect the public, utility employees, contractors and customers.
  • Maintain physical and cybersecurity of grid assets and privacy of customer data.
  • Facilitate deployment of DERs that provide benefits to customers and the electrical system and result in equitable outcomes for all.
  • Focus on partnerships with customers enabling individual choice for DERs and associated flexibility.
  • Provide consistency, transparency and flexibility among Platte River and the owner communities.
  • Employ common processes, industry best practices and innovation for the integration of DER technologies.