Craig Station 1 and 2

Fuel type: coal
Net capacity: 151 MW
Commercial operation: Unit 1—1980; Unit 2—1979
Operations: baseload


  • Platte River's ownership of Craig 1 and 2 is 18%
  • Operated by Tri-State Generation and Transmission
  • Co-owners include Tri-State Generation and Transmission, Salt River Project, PacifiCorp and Xcel Energy
  • Craig Unit 1 to be removed from Platte River's mix by Dec. 31, 2025
  • Craig Unit 2 to be removed from Platte River mix by Sept. 30, 2028


  • Platte River’s second-lowest operating cost resource
  • Fuel prices are based on production costs and not subject to market price volatility
  • No debt service
  • Fuel cost volatility mitigated by management of mine production levels and costs through an ownership share of Trapper Mine (27.14%), located adjacent to Craig units 1 and 2


  • Upgraded technology to reduce sulfur and particulate emissions
  • Maintains full compliance with strict environmental laws and regulations