We need a modern, highly secure campus to better manage the complex technologies behind a 21st century electrical grid, and the critical infrastructure necessary to power and protect our way of life. We also want to provide the community with better access to our region’s energy experts and the policy leaders who will guide our cleaner, more diverse energy future.
Our current facilities were built in the 1970s and do not meet modern building codes or requirements by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). That means:

  • Employees work in less efficient environments and cannot take full advantage of the advanced technologies used to operate a modern generation and transmission organization.
  • Federal regulatory standards concerning transmission grid management require highly sophisticated security systems that weren’t envisioned when our current campus was built.
  • Modifications to our current building could cost more and not function as well as our proposed facility.
  • It cannot fully accommodate the diverse needs of the community or our workforce.
We estimate the cost to build the new facility will be nearly $50 million
The number of retail customers served by Platte River’s municipal owners has more than doubled over the past 30 years and continues to grow. Our current headquarters building cannot meet the needs of our current workforce nor can it accommodate future growth.
Since Platte River’s employees are our most valuable resource, we do our best to support their need for quality workspaces. The new facility will include:

  • Adaptable, flexible spaces to meet the varied needs of employees and work groups
  • Private and collaborative indoor and outdoor spaces to support and bridge communications between departments
  • Better access to facility
  • New health and safety enhancements
Our communities are increasingly interested in their energy options – including how power is made and how to use it more efficiently. We will provide a far more welcoming environment by offering:

  • Functional public meeting spaces
  • Expanded access for anyone with special needs
  • Improved access to and participation with Platte River board meetings
  • Accommodations for multiple modes of transportation
  • More accessible greenbelt and trails
  • Access to energy policy leaders
Renderings of the new headquarters building and campus are available here. Key features not shown in the images include:

  • Energy efficient, LEED Silver certification
  • Solar energy installation
  • Regionally sourced building materials
  • Walking/biking trails connecting to regional trail system
  • Native trees and shrubbery
  • Drought tolerant grass
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Yes, an eastbound left turn from Horsetooth Road will still be permitted into our public parking lot.

We don’t think so. The overall traffic will be low compared to the existing traffic on Horsetooth and Timberline. It’s important to note that all truck traffic will be routed to Danfield Court to gain access to the new parking lot instead of Horsetooth Road so that should relive traffic at our driveway on Horsetooth.

Yes, this will be a sliding gate that can only be operated by an authorized card system and allows for circulation for staff and the Poudre Fire Authority.

Yes, the City’s landscaping standards require a buffer. We have removed the existing Russian Olives as these are now an undesirable species.

The new headquarters building includes a solar energy installation that will provide up to 50% of the building’s energy needs. Remaining power will come from the City of Fort Collins’ green power program.

We are not aware of any prairie dogs but if found; we will comply with the City’s newly adopted regulations.

One building is two-story and one building is one-story but with a 16-foot height for our service vehicles.

Yes, and the communications building will be upgraded

Yes, one or more of the maintenance facilities will feature new photovoltaic solar panels. Once installed, we estimate the panels will provide up to 48% of the power needs on the campus

We are working with C.S.U. Institute for the Built Environment to make the new building as energy efficient as possible. Through our design and construction, we will achieve a LEED (leadership in energy environmental design) Silver certification status

The new headquarters building will be approximately 54,000 square feet. When combined with the other planned buildings, the campus will feature between 80,000 and 90,000 of finished square feet.

Following approval from the City of Fort Collins in late 2017, we have applied for the permits necessary to begin construction in late Spring 2018. A construction timeline can be viewed here

We will operate from of our existing headquarters building during construction and our stakeholders will always have access to us.