Platte River is governed by an eight-person board of directors designed to bring relevant expertise to the decision making process. The board includes two members from each owner community. The mayor may serve or designate some other member of the governing board of their owner community to serve in their place on Platte River’s Board of Directors. Each of the other four directors is appointed to a four-year staggered term by the governing body of the owner community being represented by that director.

The organic contract is an agreement between the four owner communities. The organic contract creates Platte River and sets forth its purposes and governance structure. Platte River’s Board of Directors meets nine times per calendar year (no meetings in January, June and November). Meetings are held at Platte River’s headquarters, 2000 E. Horsetooth Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80525, beginning at 9 a.m., unless otherwise noted.

To contact the board of directors, please email the board secretary.

Board meeting calendar and agendas

2021 meeting calendar

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Sept. 30, 2021

Utility director meetings

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Sept. 17, 2021View agendaView legal notice
Aug. 13, 2021View agendaView legal notice
July 16, 2021View agendaView legal notice
May 14, 2021View agendaView legal notice
April 16, 2021View agendaView legal notice
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