Renewable Energy Supply Photovoltaic Solar Generation and Battery Storage Systems Request for Proposal ("RES PV SOLAR + BESS RFP")

Specification number: HQ21-1837

Status: Notices sent to shortlisted Bidders - Closed to other Bidders.

Start date: 12/15/21

End date: 02/25/22

Project description:
Platte River seeks to acquire up to 250 MW for photovoltaic solar generation and/or co-located battery energy storage generation system resources interconnected at the transmission or distribution system level. Ideally, Platte River prefers utility-scale project sizes in the 100 MW range and distribution projects up to 25 MW. Depending on Platte River’s progress toward its procurement target, Platte River may elect to procure a different amount than 250 MW. The purchase decision will be based on the best value at the least risk to Platte River considering the availability of cost-effective bid proposals, resource flexibility provided, locational diversity on Platte River's system, and project viability assessment. Demonstration project facilities will not be evaluated. Only commercially proven technologies will be considered.

Financial review form:
Participants must provide all required financial information requested on the Project Credit & Financial Information form. Failure to submit the requested information will result in the denial of the participant.


Notice of intent dueFriday, January 28, 2022
Deadline for questionsFriday, February 4, 2022       
Platte River responses due to participantsFriday, February 11, 2022   
Initial proposals dueFriday, February 25, 2022   
Notify participantsFriday, July 15, 2022
Signed mutual non-disclosure dueFriday, August 19, 2022
Signed proposals and specific term sheets dueFriday, August 26, 2022

Please contact for any questions.

Forms and specifications can be obtained through the following links: