Platte River celebrates Colorado students’ achievements in energy and environmental responsibility

Platte River Power Authority and Colorado State University recognized Shrey Rohilla, Peyton Rhodes, Bryan Williams and Nikhila Narayana for their academic achievements and innovation displayed during the 2021 Colorado Science and Engineering Fair.

Students across the state presented their projects virtually to several judges at the annual science fair including Platte River staff members Chris Wood, Courtney Stewart, Matt Tribby, Gina Wallick and Scott Suddreth. Judges evaluated each project on its innovation, creativity and sound research.

“The kids were all super impressive,” said Wood, environmental compliance manager. “Seeing their energy really makes you feel optimistic about the future.”

Rohilla, from Colorado Springs, earned Platte River’s junior division Energy Innovation and Efficiency award. His project, “Battle of the Blades,” compared various vertical axis wind turbine designs to test and improve efficiency.

Rhodes, from Firestone, won Platte River’s junior division Environmental Responsibility award for her project, “What’s on Your Roof?” in which she designed, built and evaluated solar panel designs made from food products.

Williams, from Hoehne, received Platte River’s senior division Energy Innovation and Efficiency award. His project, “Charging into the Future of Transportation: An In-depth Comparison of Electric and Combustion Vehicles” analyzed the performance of a battery powered bicycle that Williams built himself.

Narayana, from Highlands Ranch, earned Platte River’s senior division Environmental Responsibility award. Her project, “Catching the Sun: Harnessing Stokes Shift to Increase Solar Cell Efficiency,” compared various products on solar panels for converting short wavelength light to longer wavelength light in order to improve generation performance.

Each student also received a monetary award to support their future work. Junior division winners received $100 and senior division winners received $150.

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