SUVs Can Be Environmentally Friendly

FORT COLLINS, Colo.— Cross the cutting-edge technology of electric vehicles with the look and feel of an SUV and get an effective urban commuter vehicle.
Platte River Power Authority today unveiled its next generation of electric vehicles—2001 Toyota RAV4 all-electric SUVs in its Going Electric program. In fact, there are two RAV4 EVs in Platte River's fleet.
To make sure the RAV4s are truly zero emission vehicles, Platte River connected the charging stations to a 10 kW (kilowatt) photovoltaic system located at its Headquarters facility in Fort Collins.
Platte River's Going Electric program began in 1992 with the purchase of a Soleq-converted Ford Escort station wagon (EVcort). An additional EVcort was purchased in 1993. Both vehicles were added to Platte River's pool car fleet and used by employees for short trips. In addition, the EVcorts were displayed at various community events.
" It's important for people to remember that Platte River is committed to be an environmentally responsible neighbor," said Platte River General Manager Brian Moeck. "The Going Electric program is only one of the many environmentally focused practices and policies we've developed and used since Platte River was created in 1973."
The RAV4s Platte River leases are part of the Take Charge program operated by the City and County of Denver. Eight RAV4s and 39 Toyota Prius hybrid gas-electric sedans make up the Take Charge program.
The all-electric RAV4 operates on 24 Nickel-Metal Hydride (niMH) 12-volt batteries located under the seats in the chassis. The maximum driving range is approximately 126 miles. The RAV4 is equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) with a sophisticated regenerative system that returns energy to the batteries when the vehicle is coasting or braking. Power comes from a permanent magnet traction motor. The maximum speed for the RAV4 is 78 mph.
Platte River Power Authority generates and transmits electricity to its owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland for delivery to their utility customers. Platte River's facilities are located along the Front Range, in northwestern Colorado and near Medicine Bow, Wyoming.
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