Platte River Power's Environmental Ambassadors Take Awards

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Platte River Power Authority has, again, garnered a number of trophies at the 2012 National Western Stock Show, National Bison Association's Gold Trophy Show and Sale (GTSS) for entries of American bison from the two herds located at the Rawhide Energy Station. A surprise for Platte River was the announcement that it was named Producer of the Year.

While the plains around Rawhide were historically American bison grazing grounds, Platte River established its first herd in 1983.

The bison at Rawhide can also be counted as employees. Their job title -- Environmental Ambassadors -- can also be given to all of the birds counted at Rawhide during the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count since 1986, in addition to native wildlife like antelope, deer and badger.

Platte River is not in the bison business. Its business is to make reliable, low-cost and environmentally responsible electricity for its owner communities -- Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland. Applying the same meticulous maintenance philosophy used at all of its facilities, Platte River utilizes time-tested best practices to make sure its environmental ambassadors are well taken care of.

The two bison herds number around 50 animals, in total, depending on the time of year. The original single herd was separated into two in 1999, for bloodline considerations. Two mature bulls, each weighing about a ton, watch over their individual herds.

Seven Platte River employees who have experience working with livestock share responsibility for day-to-day feeding and care of the bison. A strong emphasis is placed on animal health and bloodline quality. All proceeds from the sale of stock go to herd maintenance making it self-sustaining. Platte River and its employees remain committed to the concept of maintaining the integrity of the environment.


Results for Platte River Power Authority at the National Bison Association Gold Trophy Show and Sale during the 2012 National Western Stock Show

Bull Calf (single) Gold
Bull Calf (single) Silver
Pen of 3 Bull Calves Gold
Heifer Calf (single) Gold
Pen of 5 Heifer Calves Gold
Futurity (2010 calf) Performance calf Gold
Producer of the Year 2012  


Photo -- higher resolution available upon request

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