Platte River Power Transmission Line Construction Update

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Construction continues on a transmission line project that will increase the reliability of electric service in Loveland and south Fort Collins.

The final portion of a project underway since 2006 involves rebuilding an existing Western Area Power Administration transmission line from Horsetooth Tap north through a part of the Pineridge Natural Area, terminating at the Dixon Creek Substation. Work will reach Pineridge as early as November 14, weather and other circumstances permitting. Platte River and the City of Fort Collins Natural Resources Department are working together to minimize construction impact to the natural area.

As part of an extensive mitigation plan, sensitive areas with prairie dog colonies and species of concern such as the Bell’s twinpod have been identified and will be avoided during construction.

Helicopters will be used to ferry concrete and steel tower sections. This activity will occur south of Pineridge between Spring Creek Dam and the point at which the transmission line crosses County Road 38E. Every effort will be made to minimize the number and lengths of the flights. Helicopters will not fly on weekends, holidays or after dark.

To comply with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, traffic control personnel will stop all vehicle traffic whenever helicopters carry payloads across roads. Helicopters will not fly directly over homes or businesses while carrying payloads.

During the construction period, updated information about this project can be found on Platte River''s website at

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