Platte River Power Authority Employees Log 1 Million Work Hours Without Lost Time Injury

FORT COLLINS, Colo.--Employees of Platte River Power Authority reached a safety milestone in March when one million work hours were logged without a lost-time injury.

"The well-being of our employees is a priority," said Platte River's General Manager Brian Moeck. "Safety is also important from a business point of view because safe employees are more productive. Productivity is key to our mission of providing reliable, low cost and environmentally responsible electricity to our owner communities efficiently."

The last injury that caused an employee to miss work occurred on June 29, 2004. Since then, a six-week period of major maintenance at the Rawhide Energy Station that included approximately 700 individual jobs was completed along with ongoing maintenance of the transmission system and facilities. Many of Platte River's 200 employees work within confined spaces and around large mechanical equipment and electrical voltages up to 230,000 volts on a regular basis.

"One million hours without a serious accident is truly remarkable considering our line of work and types of tasks performed every day," said Bob Skillman Platte River's Health, Safety and Security Manager.

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