Platte River Power Authority Commits to Publicly Report Greenhouse Gases

FORT COLLINS, Colorado - Platte River Power Authority has joined a key group of environmental leaders as a new member of the California Climate Action Registry (Registry). As a participant in the Registry, Platte River will voluntarily measure and report all emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Platte River Power Authority provides wholesale electric power to four municipal electric systems in northern Colorado, which in turn serve more than 130,000 residences and businesses.

The Registry helps companies and organizations throughout the United States to track, publicly report and reduce their emissions of the gases that can lead to global warming. The results are certified by independent organizations to confirm accuracy. The Registry has been widely recognized as a gold standard for public reporting of greenhouse gases.

"As an important component of our environmental management program, we want to make our data publicly available in a way that is accurate, transparent, externally certified, and consistent with emerging industry standards," said Brian Moeck, General Manager of Platte River. "That led us to the Registry. Its participants are the ones building the national standards on this issue. Tracking and reporting are important because attention to detail during the reporting process leads to sharper focus on the effective management of greenhouse gas emissions."

"We applaud Platte River for taking this strong leadership step on the issue of climate change" said Diane Wittenberg, President of the Registry. "Our membership includes many of the national leaders in the electric power industry working to track and reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. Platte River is a natural fit and we look forward to working with them."


Platte River Power Authority generates reliable, low-cost and environmentally responsible electricity used by its owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland since 1973.

The California Climate Action Registry is a non-profit public/private partnership that serves as a volunteer greenhouse gas (GHG) registry to protect, encourage and promote early actions to reduce GHG emissions. Over 50 major companies, cities, government agencies and NGOs measure and publicly report their GHG emissions through the Registry.

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