Platte River Power Achieves Climate Wise Platinum Partner Level

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Platte River Power Authority's environmental strategy for 2010 resulted in the utility achieving the Climate Wise Platinum Partner level based largely on achievements at its Headquarters site, which was recognized by the City of Fort Collins in April.

Platte River is a founding charter partner of Climate Wise since 2000 reaching Silver Partner in 2008 and Gold Partner in 2009.

" Participation in Climate Wise reinforces Platte River's environmental commitment that started in 1973 - our first year of operation," said Brian Moeck, Platte River's general manager. "Credit for this achievement goes to Platte River's employees and Board of Directors. This dedication has survived the test of time."

Platte River's first annual report from 1973 states, "Platte River and the four cities it serves are very much concerned about the need for preserving and improving environmental quality, while developing energy resources that are essential to the protection of the good life along Colorado’s Front Range … Environmental quality is reflected in every phase of Platte River's programs."

To reach the Platinum Partner level in 2010, Platte River and its employees accomplished the following:

  • Participation in Fort Collins' Bike to Work Week and the inaugural Platte River Bike to Work Day Employee Challenge with 135 commutes totaling 247 miles to work from home, saving 38 gallons of gasoline.
  • Major HVAC and controls upgrade at Platte River's Headquarters building to a VRF system and controls.
  • Recycled 5,295 pounds of mixed office paper.
  • Recycled 104 cubic yards of mixed office material.
  • Recycled 90 cubic yards of yard waste.
  • Recycled 10 pallets of electronic equipment.
  • Generated 2,559 kilowatt-hours of electricity from an existing on-site photovoltaic system.
  • Utilized hybrid fleet vehicles that reduced gasoline consumption by 7,092 gallons.
  • Participation in the SmartTrips™ VanGo™ program reduced gasoline consumption by 3,652 gallons.
  • Distributed tree seedlings to employees on Arbor Day along with a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb exchange on Earth Day.
  • Utilized Rawhide flyash as a cement replacement in concrete products reducing CO2 emissions by 3,744 metric tons.
  • Hosted a Fort Collins Bike to Work Day breakfast station where 197 bicycle riders stopped for refreshments compared to 173 in 2009.
  • Reported greenhouse gas emissions for Platte River Fort Collins' facilities in addition to reporting to The Climate Registry.

Climate Wise is a free, voluntary City of Fort Collins program dedicated to helping local businesses and the environment. Through environmental assessments and creative solutions, Climate Wise helps businesses tackle modern-day challenges that impact bottom lines and quality of life. More than 200 local companies have joined Climate Wise.

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