Large Rebate Issued to Colorado State University for Energy Efficiency

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Platte River Power Authority and the City of Fort Collins Utilities have teamed up to help Colorado State University make energy efficient improvements in campus buildings.

A check for $429,387.00 was presented to the University to cover about one-third of the cost of replacing approximately 12,000 light fixtures in 30 buildings. It's estimated that the new energy-efficient fixtures will reduce the University's electricity consumption by 3.7 million kilowatt-hours and electric bills by $248,000.00 annually.

"The lighting incentives really got us motivated to switch out a large number of our old technology lamps and ballasts," said Carol Dollard, Colorado State's energy engineer. "CSU is a leader in efficiency with a model of continuous improvement," notes Kelley Gonzales, Fort Collins Senior Energy Services Engineer.

Platte River and Fort Collins Utilities work together to offer a variety of programs to help commercial, institutional and residential customers save energy and reduce their utility bills. "Rebates provide us with opportunities to help customers achieve multiple goals," said Jackie Sargent, general manager of Platte River Power Authority. "In addition to reducing energy use, the project at Colorado State has improved lighting quality and thereby the work and learning environments."

More information on the rebate programs offered by Platter River and Fort Collins Utilities can be found at and

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Presenters: Adam Perry, Senior Energy Services Specialist, Platte River Power Authority (far left) and Kelley Gonzalez, Senior Energy Services Engineer, City of Fort Collins Utilities (far right).Behind the check are (from left to right): Tom Fuller, Project Manager, Merit Electric; Lance Taylor, Project Foreman, Merit Electric; Scott Anundsen, Assistant Project Manager, Colorado State University; Tracey Abel, Project Manager, Colorado State University; Carol Dollard, Energy Engineer, Colorado State University.Merit Electric was Colorado State’s contractor for the lighting retrofit project.
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