Energy Efficiency (old)

Whether you’re using electricity to make your home livable or to run your business, the most sustainable way to use energy is to use as little as necessary to meet your needs.

Using energy efficiently is also the most cost effective way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

With this in mind, Platte River and its member municipal utilities offer assistance to help you save energy, save money and protect the environment.

Residential Customers

Business Customers

Beginning January 2012, federal legislation will require common incandescent light bulbs to be more efficient. To ease the transition, we created the chart below that shows what bulbs you need to replace and when, as well as energy efficient replacement options that are currently available. Why wait? Start saving energy and money today!



Lighting Choices to Save You Money (Outside link – will open in a new window)

This U.S. Department of Energy site on energy efficiency and renewable energy provides additional lighting options for your home.


Keeping cool indoors when it is hot outdoors can be a challenge. The sun beating down on your home causes indoor temperatures to rise to uncomfortable levels. Air conditioning provides some relief. But the initial cost of installing an air conditioner and the electricity costs to run it can be high.

There are alternatives to air conditioning. This publication provides some common sense suggestions and low-cost retrofit options to help you “keep your cool” — and save electricity.