Safety is one of Platte River Power Authority’s (Platte River) core values, and Platte River has a strong safety culture. Platte River employees have permission to stop work at any time if there is a potential safety issue. This safety value applies to Platte River’s vendors, and it is important to Platte River to hire vendors who operate in the safest manner possible. Platte River has a comprehensive vendor safety program and requires all vendors performing physical work on Platte River property to be approved by the Health and Safety Department before performing onsite work. The health and safety information obtained through the Vendor Safety Qualification Form is reviewed by our Health and Safety Department to evaluate the overall health and safety program of each vendor. Platte River expects each vendor to provide a safe work environment for their employees, Platte River employees, and the public while exhibiting a positive and proactive safety culture. Please review and provide all the requested information. Work will not be awarded until all requested information is received and reviewed by Platte River’s Health and Safety Department and the appropriate Project Manager.

Required information:
  • Vendor safety qualification form – Fill out the form completely and provide all required documentation that is applicable, such as:
    • OSHA citations along with corrective measures taken over the last five years.
    • Safety performance statistics – per the OSHA 300 log. If the vendor is not required to maintain a 300 log, then they shall use information from their internal recordkeeping process or their insurance carrier’s process.
  • Any other applicable documentation as requested by Platte River or as the vendor feels is necessary.
  Vendor safety program overview
  1. Vendor must fill out, in its entirety, the Vendor Safety Qualification Form and provide all required documentation as stated on the form.
  2. Vendor attaches all documents requested in the qualification form.
    1. Qualification Form completed and signed.
    2. Support documentation for any OSHA citations within the last five years. What the citation was and what the vendor has done to mitigate the citation(s).
    3. Any other items needed as identified in the qualification form or that the vendor feels is necessary as well as other documentation requested by the Platte River Health and Safety Department.
  3. If a vendor is responding to a request for proposal or invitation to bid, the vendor must include the project number on the Form.
  Qualification of a vendor
  1. All vendors within the scope of the vendor safety process that are interested in bidding on a current or future project(s) with Platte River must be qualified for acceptable health and safety performance by Platte River’s Health and Safety Department and Project Management.
  2. If a vendor is qualified, they are qualified for the remainder of the calendar year.
  3. If incidents or safety deviations occur during the course of a contract, the Platte River Health and Safety Department and Platte River Project Manager may require a review of the vendor’s safety program prior to additional work being performed for Platte River regardless of the expiration date on a previous qualification.
Failure to qualify

Platte River may disqualify any vendor in its sole discretion for safety concerns such as, but not limited to; poor safety performance, repeated safety violations, or other unsafe acts.

Vendor safety requirements and qualification form