With increasing diversity of Platte River’s energy mix, the need for greater flexibility among owner communities, and the desire for more options by residential and commercial customers over their energy choices, the wholesale rates structure is evolving. To meet current and future community needs, Platte River began collaborating with its owner communities in 2016 to begin a comprehensive review of its wholesale rate making practices.

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Platte River’s Board of Directors adopted the rate setting policy in 2018, which established the following goals:

  • Improve value added by Platte River in support of owner communities
  • Offer a desirable portfolio of services and rates that meet owner communities’ needs
  • Better align wholesale time-of-use pricing signals with cost of service and owner community retail pricing signals
  • Send pricing signals that result in system benefits

The process to establish a new, more transparent wholesale rate structure – revenue neutral to Platte River – concluded in January 2020 when the new rates were implemented.