Restoration and Reinforcement of Building Walls (Rawhide)

Specification Number: RH18-1786

Status: Closed to Bid

Start Date: 02/28/18

End Date: 03/08/18

Project Description:

Platte River Power Authority ("Platte River") is requesting Bid Proposals from prequalified Bidders for the purpose of replacing, restoring, and reinforcing building walls on several structures at the Rawhide Energy Station.  Age and dry climate have compromised the integrity of the nylon screws as well as some of the metal panels on these buildings.  The selected Contractor will enter into a three (3) year multi-phased Contract with Platte River.

Prequalification Requirements:

Bid Proposals will be considered only from those Bidders who have submitted their qualifications prior to issuance of the specifications and documents and have been approved on the basis of those qualifications. Two (2) qualification forms must be submitted: (1) Contractor Safety Qualification Form and (2) Bidder Prequalification for.

Completed qualification forms must be received by Platte River not later than 11:00 a.m., local Mountain Time, Thursday, March 8, 2018.

NOTE: ALL requested information must be provided. Failure to submit the requested information will result in a denial of Bidder's Qualifications.

The Invitation for Bid document below identifies the schedule of submittal dates for the project.

Please contact for any questions.

Forms and specifications can be obtained through the following links:

Qualified Bidders:

  • Heath Steel