Monofill Upgrade Project

Specification number: RH21-1841

Status: Awarded to Oftedal Construction, Inc.

Start date: 12/01/21

End date: 12/10/21

Project Description:

Platte River Power Authority ("Platte River") is seeking a contractor to upgrate the Rawhide Monofill to meet current regulations, per the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) approved Engineering Design and Operations Plan (EDOP). The Rawhide Monofill will require construction to install a liner and leachate collection system to meet current codes. This will require earthwork, plumbing, tank installation and electrical work.

Pre-qualification Requirements:

Proposals will be considered only from those bidders who have submitted their qualifications prior to issuance of the bid specifications and documents, and are approved on the basis of those qualifications. Two qualification forms must be submitted by each prospective bidder: (1) Bidder Prequalification Form; and (2) Contractors Safety Qualification Form.

Completed qualification forms must be received by Platte River on or before 11:00 a.m., local Mountain Time, Friday, December 10, 2021.

NOTE: ALL requested information on the forms must be provided. Failure to submit the requested information will result in a denial of the Bidder's qualifications.

The Invitation to Bid document below identifies the schedule of submittal dates for the project.

Please contact for any questions.


Forms and specifications can be obtained through the following links:

Qualified bidders:

  • Industrial Constructors/Managers, Inc.
  • Meridiam Partners LLC
  • Oftedal Construction, Inc.