Enterprise Resource Planning Project

Specification number: HQ19-1805

Status: Open to Bid

Start date: 08/28/19

End date: 11/22/19

Project Description:

Platte River Power Authority ("Platte River") has a need for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution. The project is structured to align the ERP project goals with the business vision and goals of Platte River to create business-driven criteria for the selection of an enterprise solution. Taking into account current business capabilities; the project has defined the future processes and enabling tools that are critical for delivering lasting business value. The project has defined business and software requirements and Platte River is now seeking a Bidder and software solution with the capabilities to support those requirements.

NOTE: ALL requested information must be provided. Failure to submit the requested information may result in a No Bid.

The Request for Proposal document below identifies the schedule of submittal dates for the project.

Please contact mearley@infotech.com for any questions.

Forms and specifications can be obtained through the following links: