Craig Station 1 and 2

Fuel Type: Coal
Net Capacity: 154 MW
Commercial Operations: Unit 1—1980; Unit 2—1979


  • Platte River's ownership of Craig 1 & 2 is 18%
  • Operated by Tri-State Generation and Transmission
  • Co-owners include Tri-State Generation and Transmission, Salt River Project, PacifiCorp, and Xcel Energy
  • Used primarily for baseload generation needs
  • Over the past five years, Craig has delivered approximately one-fourth of Platte River’s annual municipal load requirements
  • Second-most reliable baseload resource averaging 86.6% equivalent availability, and 73.1% capacity factor over the past five years
  • Reliable future fuel supply from Trapper and Colowyo Mines
  • Craig 3 is owned wholly by Tri-State Generation and Transmission


  • Platte River’s second-lowest operating cost resource
  • Fuel prices are based on production costs and not subject to market price volatility
  • No debt service


  • Upgraded technology to reduce sulfur and particulate emissions
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable environmental laws and regulations