Platte River Power Authority has contracts for approximately 198 megawatts of carbon-free resources for delivery to our four owner communities. Currently, carbon-free resources are produced using wind, hydropower and solar assets. Starting in fall 2016, Platte River diversified its power production portfolio further by adding 30 MW of solar power at Rawhide Flats Solar.

Platte River contracts with third parties to provide the following capacities of carbon-free resources at each facility:

Medicine Bow Wind Project

Medicine Bow
Wind Project

Silver Sage Windpower Project

Silver Sage
Windpower Project

Spring Canyon Wind_Energy Center

Spring Canyon Wind
Energy Center

Federal _Hydropower


Rawhide Flats Solar

Flats Solar

Carbon-Free resources as of 2017

Total 198 MW

Approximately 21 percent of Platte River’s current generating capacity comes from non-carbon resources, most of which is comprised of hydropower resources owned and operated by the federal government. In 2017, approximately 32 percent of the energy Platte River delivered to its owner communities came from its carbon-free resources.

In early 2018, Platte River announced it will purchase all the energy from a proposed 150 MW wind farm scheduled to be built in 2020. Platte River has also requested proposals to purchase an additional 20 MW of solar generating capacity, along with battery storage capabilities.

Carbon-Free energy provided to Platte River's owner communities

Note: actual energy production shown through 2016: forecast through 2017

Since 1998, Platte River has provided renewable energy to its owner communities in response to their customers’ desire for it. Customers who wish to support and use renewable energy can sign up through their community to receive a portion or all of their energy from renewable sources for a small fee that covers the added cost of the renewable energy compared to the traditional generation it replaces.

Since Platte River follows strict industry guidelines for this program, customers can be assured that the renewable energy they purchase is generated above and beyond the amount needed to meet state or federal mandates. In addition, the renewable programs offered by Estes Park, Fort Collins and Loveland are certified under the Green-e Energy Certification Program, a program managed by The Center for Resource Solutions. The Center is a national non-profit organization that designs and operates programs that support the increased supply and use of carbon-free resources.

Green-E Certified
Green-e Energy is the nation’s leading independent carbon-free resource certification and verification program. A Green-e Energy certification assures consumers that the carbon-free resources they purchase meet stringent environmental and consumer-protection standards. Furthermore, it assures that the organizations supplying this certified energy can demonstrate, on an annual basis, they have generated or purchased enough carbon-free resources to meet customer demand and to substantiate their related marketing claims.

To sign up for carbon-free resources, click on your community below:

Town of Estes Park

Town of Estes Park
(Green-e Energy certified)

City of Fort Collins

City of Fort Collins
(Green-e Energy certified)

City of Loveland

City of Loveland
(Green-e Energy certified)