Sources of Electricity

Platte River uses several sources of electricity generation capacity to meet its wholesale obligations to its four owner municipalities including: the coal-fired Rawhide Energy Station Unit 1; five natural gas-fired combustion turbines–Units A, B, C, D and F at the Rawhide site; the Medicine Bow Wind Project, Silver Sage Windpower Project, and Spring Canyon Wind Energy Center;  the coal-fired Yampa Project near Craig, Colorado, (Platte River owns 18 percent of Units 1 and 2; federal hydropower delivered via purchase from Western Area Power Administration; and purchases from the wholesale electricity market in the region.

  • Rawhide Unit One (coal)–280 MW
  • Rawhide Units A, B, C, D, F (natural gas)–388 MW
  • Yampa Project (coal)–154 MW
  • Federal Hydropower–90 MW
  • Medicine Bow Wind Project–6 MW
  • Silver Sage Windpower Project–12 MW
  • Spring Canyon Expansion Wind Energy Center–60 MW
  • Total Summer Capacity–990 MW

Energy Delivered to Platte River’s Four Municipalities in 2014–Proportions by Source:

  • Coal 74.2%
  • Hydropower 19.1%
  • Wind Power and Renewable Energy Certificates 4.8%
  • Unspecified Purchases 1.7%
  • Natural Gas 0.2%