It is acknowledged that anyone downloading Invitation to Bid information must contact Platte River Power Authority to obtain any addenda related thereto, and to obtain pre-qualification information and documents related to the bid proposal.

The guidelines presented here related to the procurement process have been prepared and provided to prospective bidders for information purposes only. They do not supplant the laws, regulations, and procedures governing procurement by Platte River Power Authority and are subject to change by Platte River.

Attention Bidders! Platte River Power Authority does not accept Bid Proposals without a completed Bidder Pre-qualification for the project for which you are bidding.

Bidder Pre-qualification forms may be filled out and submitted via fax, 970-229-5223, or e-mail,

RH14-1732 - Invitation To Bid Invitation to Bid
RH14-1732 - Pre Qualification Form Bidder Pre-qualification

Bid totals for awarded bids are only disclosed by appointment at our Headquarters office.

For questions, please contact