The guidelines presented here related to the procurement process have been prepared and provided to prospective bidders for information purposes only. They do not supplant the laws, regulations, and procedures governing procurement by Platte River Power Authority and are subject to change by Platte River.

RH14-1741 – Locomotive Piloting and Railcar Maintenance Project   Awarded
HQ15-1742 – Demand Side Management Software Design & Implementation Project Closed To Bids
EO15-1743 – Rawhide Substation 230/34.5kV Solar Transformer Project Closed To Bids
EO15-1744 – Dead Tank Circuit Breaker Procurement  Closed To Bids
EO15-1745 – Control and Relay Panel Procurement   Open 
EO15-1746 – Galvanized Tubular Steel Transmission Poles Procurement   Open 

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