Renewable Energy

Platte River provides renewable energy to its four member communities where it is distributed to homes and businesses. Our renewable energy comes primarily from wind generation, although we continually watch for other cost-competitive renewable sources of energy.

Platte River also meets its member utilities’ growing renewable energy needs by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from other wind and renewable generation in the region. By purchasing RECs, Platte River is supporting development of renewable energy at the most cost-effective sites in the region, without incurring added costs of transmitting the energy to our system. The revenue the generator gets from the REC sale enables them to sell their high-cost renewable energy at a rate that is competitive with fossil-fuel-powered generation in their area. At the same time, the generator agrees to yield all claims to the renewable attributes of their generation (e.g., emission reductions) to Platte River.

green_e_logoContinued acceptance of renewable energy by Platte River’s owner communities depends in large part on customer confidence in its product. For that reason, Platte River sought and obtained Green-e Energy certification from the Center for Resource Solutions. The Center for Resource Solutions is a national nonprofit organization that designs and operates programs supporting the increased supply and use of renewable energy resources. Green-e Energy is the nation’’s leading independent renewable energy certification and verification program. Green-e Energy certification assures consumers that the renewable energy they may purchase meets stringent environmental and consumer protection standards. Furthermore, it assures that the organizations supplying this certified energy can demonstrate, on an annual basis, that they have generated or purchased enough renewable energy to meet customer demand and to substantiate their related marketing claims.

Platte River delivers wind energy to Estes Park Light & Power, Fort Collins Utilities, Longmont Power & Communications, and Loveland Water and Power for their individual wind power programs.

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Town of Estes Park
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(Green-e Energy certified)
(Green-e Energy certified)