LIGHTENUP at a glance: ·   Provides funding for energy-efficient lighting retrofits at commercial and industrial facilities
·   Energy used by electric lighting constitutes 20 to 40 percent of a typical business’s electric bill. The value of effective lighting can exceed this many times over because effective lighting is essential for most business operations.
·   LIGHTENUP can help you maximize the value and minimize the electricity cost of your lighting by providing funding and technical assistance to upgrade old, inefficient lighting technology with modern, efficient technology.


Project Eligibility
ENERGY STAR qualified products and practices help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE. The ENERGY STAR label also designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings.
Energy Star Partner
Platte River Power Authority proudly promotes ENERGY STAR.
How to Participate
Common Lighting Opportunities
De-lamping Retrofit Kit Specifications Guide
Qualifying High Efficiency T8 Ballasts
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Contractor/Vendor List
What’s New for LIGHTENUP

Project Eligibility

A project is eligible to participate in LIGHTENUP if all of the following are true:

  • Project site is served by one of the four following electric utilities: Town of Estes Park Light & Power Department (970-577-3583), Fort Collins Utilities (970-221-6700), Longmont Power & Communications (303-651-8386), Loveland Water & Power (970-962-3000).
  • New energy-efficient lighting equipment is installed in a commercial building or site. Retrofit projects require existing equipment to be replaced in an existing building or site. Contact Platte River Energy Services for new construction or major renovation projects.
  • All new T8 electronic ballasts are “high efficiency” and meet or exceed the Ballast Efficacy Factor as described for ballasts by CEE High Performance T8 Specification.
  • If the customer is an individual or sole proprietor applying for incentives can prove their lawful presence in the United States (Colorado House Bill 06S-1023). Corporation or partnership is not required as proof.

How to Participate

  1. Identify a project with help from a lighting contractor, vendor or electrician, or the LIGHTENUP manager.
  2. Complete the appropriate lighting application to determine the incentive amount. Receive approval and an approval code by faxing or mailing the application to Platte River Energy Services*.
  3. Complete the lighting retrofit.
  4. Update the application to reflect changes to the material specifications or quantities (if any), sign the Request for Payment portion of the application and mail or fax the entire application to Platte River Energy Services. Include copies of any project-related invoices*.
  5. Receive incentive check in four to six weeks.

*Platte River Energy Services may request a site visit at this time to verify the accuracy of the application.


  • Simple Lighting Application: (Acrobat format)Kids with light bulbsThe NEW Simple Lighting Application is available for contractors and customers, who want to streamline the application process for common, one-for-one, retrofit projects. Retrofit projects that have a potential incentive greater than $1,000, require pre- approval to qualify for an incentive.All new T8 electronic ballasts are required to be “high efficiency” and meet or exceed the Ballast Efficacy Factor as described for ballasts by CEE High Performance T8 Specification.
  • Custom Lighting Application: (Excel format)This original application is great for optimizing Watt reduction savings and incentives. It offers more options and flexibility for a custom lighting retrofit project, including examples like: de-lamping, adding or removing fixtures, occupancy sensors, new technology, etc. Retrofit projects that have a potential incentive greater than $1,000 require pre-approval to qualify for an incentive.All new T8 electronic ballasts are required to be “high efficiency” and meet or exceed the Ballast Efficacy Factor as described for ballasts by CEE High Performance T8 Specification.
  • New Construction Lighting Application:Incentives are available under the Electric Efficiency Program for energy efficient lighting systems designed and installed in new buildings or for major renovations of existing buildings. This lighting application is intended for submitting your new energy efficient lighting design(s) for a rebate and to calculate energy savings. Qualifying new lighting systems must be designed to have a Watts per square foot that is 80% less than the required Watts per square foot listed for the building space type(s) in Table 9.5.1 of the ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 – 2004 Lighting Power Density standard. In addition, pre-approval is required for all projects and that all four-foot fluorescent fixtures be equipped with “high efficiency” electronic ballasts.

Changes in Project Scope after Application is Approved

Small changes are expected and do not require any action until the project is completed. If you find a few more or fewer fixtures than you indicated in your application, just complete the retrofit and update the application before submitting it for payment. The same goes if you find a couple of different types of lighting fixtures that are similar to those in your original application. However, if anything changes that will significantly affect the total incentive amount (more than 10%), you should contact Platte River for approval.

If you are unsure how changes to material specifications or quantities used in your project might affect your incentive, contact Platte River for assistance.

Common Lighting Opportunities

or T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts
lamps and electronic ballasts
existing fixtures with new lamps and ballasts or replace
the fixtures entirely)
to 35% energy savings
light output
lighting appearance
lamps (or “bulbs”)
and LEDs
existing fixture with new bulbs or replace fixture
with a dedicated CFL fixture)
to 75% energy savings
light output
life extended 5 to 10 times
halide, high-pressure sodium, or mercury vapor high-bay lighting
fixture required)
to 50% energy savings
control / instant on
light output
lighting appearance
signs illuminated by incandescent lamps
signs illuminated by light emitting diodes (LEDs)
energy savings or more
longer life


De-lamping Retrofit Kit Specifications Guide (Acrobat format)

This guide is for your reference when ordering and installing qualifying retrofit kits for the bonus rebate. This is a resource to help ensure that the light levels in a specific space are adequate when your retrofit project is complete.

Incentive Information

Important notes:

  • Incentive funding is limited by annual budget and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the LIGHTENUP manager to ensure funding availability.
  • Funding is assured only after your application has been submitted, approved and an approval code issued (if applicable).
  • The maximum incentive available is from Platte River is $50,000 per customer per year. Funding beyond this maximum may be available on a case-by-case basis. Contact the LIGHTENUP manager for more information.

Finding a lighting vendor or contractor:

Need help finding a lighting vendor or contractor? This list shows vendors and contractors who have helped other Platte River customers by providing materials and/or labor for their lighting retrofit projects. Many can also help you complete the Lighting Project Funding Application. You are free to use any vendor or contractor for your lighting retrofit; you are not limited to those on the list.

Vendor and contractor list (Acrobat format)

Contact Platte River LIGHTENUP Services
Platte River Power Authority
2000 E. Horsetooth Rd.
Fort Collins, CO 80525-5721
(970) 226-4000
fax: (970) 229-5244

Be sure to mark all correspondence Attn: LIGHTENUP or ask to speak with the LIGHTENUP manager.